Australian 100 Women of Influence
Shirley was one of the awardees in the 2012 Inaugural Australian 100 Women of Influence – Global category and one of the 2013 International Alliance of Women World of Difference 100 Awardees – Community category

Family at Alan’s 80th birthday party in Burranwang, Australia, 24 October 2015.
L to R Back: Judy R, Ellen, Jen, Alva, Jude, Middle: Julie, Doug, Ian, Erica, Shirley, Andrew, Vicky, Adam, Alan, Front: Beatrix, Jessicca, Emilia, Harry, Alicia, Matilda, Isabella, Nathan, Kaylin

Shirley Randell, Yve Lavine’s Sweet 16 Exhibition, International Women’s Day, Sydney, 2014

Jen, mother and mentor, with Shirley in Perth
(Jen passed away 27th January 2008)

Shirley with grandchildren: Paris, Lena, great granddaughter Mila, Inci in Melbourne 22 October 2015. Only one of the 13 grandchildren not on webpage is Lévi in Perth

Four generations-matriarch, Shirley, Erica, Lena and Mila, 2013


Sydney grandchildren